Trademark Puts Their Stamp On Rumours

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Trademark Puts Their Stamp On Rumours

It is not often that you like a band straight off after hearing them for the first time, but Trademark are definitely one of those bands!

I had the pleasant experience of encountering Trademark for the first time at Rumours Lounge in Johannesburg. When the trio took the stage, what impressed me most was how they got into the gig and looked like they were enjoying themselves, their music and entertaining the crowd! It is great to see guys that put their heart and soul into their music and do it with a smile on their faces!

Trademarks music has a wide appeal and most listeners would like their style which covers a range of genres, from melodic ballads and love songs, to raw blues/rock. In the words of Riaan Bailey, their drummer and percussionist, their music is influenced by “Jazz artists like Jaco Pistorius and Weather Report, to Bon Jovi, Queen, Journey, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and our very own Dan Patlansky”.

The guys in the band have a lot of experience and have been playing for many years this experience shows when you see them perform. The guys are Gerrie Van Heerden (vocals and guitar), Pierre Du Toit (bass) and Riaan Bailey (drums and percussion).
The band hails from Bloemfontein in South Africa and have been playing together since 31 July 2013. They plan on releasing a full album by mid 2016 and I, for one, will make sure that I add their album to my collection.
If you would like to give their music a listen or contact the band you can do it at or or listen to one of their tracks here:



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