Gunslinger Rocking Rumours

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Gunslinger Rocking Rumours

Gunslinger was once again the main attraction at Rumours Lounge! They were preceded by BigEP + LMS, a local rap crew, and by one of South Africa’s iconic alternative punk rock bands, The Anti Retro Vinyls.

Gunslinger took the stage and rocked the crowd with their signature raw rock and roll sound that the crowd couldn’t get enough of. Lead singer Dylan entertained with his stage presence while the guitarist Collin shredded in typical Gunslinger style, while Bass player Lee-roy provided some thumping rhythms to bring it all together.

The 5 piece band are always a favGunslingerCollinourite at whatever venue they perform at, as their particular brand of rock, similar to the likes of AC/DC but with a Gunslinger twist that only they can do, always goes down well with the crowd.

Gunslinger are an up and coming band in the South African rock music scene. They will be releasing a new single in the next few weeks, which I will let you know about right here on Cayley’s Corner. Watch this space for more to come on this awesome band!!

If you would like to check out Gunslinger on iTunes, click the image below.



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