Greg Allan Talks About Gory Artsick And The ARVs

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Greg Allan Talks About Gory Artsick And The ARVs

I had the pleasure of getting some questions answered by the awesome Gory Artsick, formally known as Greg Allan, about the end of The Anti Retro Vinyls and the start of his new and exciting project which he will be doing from Cape Town.
The end of The Anti Retro Vinyls was tragic news for a lot of people, especially for Gory Artsick, it would seem. This is what he had to say about what happened: ‘’It’s still quite unclear on my side, there was no discussion that lead to the two of them leaving…they made a Facebook status on The Anti Retro Vinyls band page saying they were no longer in the band, that was how I found out…Since then I have heard little bits and pieces of reasons, but I guess our drug, alcohol and relationship problems must have gone out of sync at some point without me realizing, people change, priorities change, life happens…it’s a real shame, I loved those guys, and I think if we had just kept it together long enough to get the new material out on record…something quite incredible might have occurred.’’

So that must have been a really difficult moment for Gory, but now he is on a path to new and better things, he even changed his name saying, ‘’I think I needed to reinvent myself a little bit.. coming from a wounded self- esteem and a lack of inspiration, or a lack of faith in my creativity…Gregory became Greg, now it’s become Gory…Heartsick turned into Artsick quite nicely haha,’’ and I think I can say for all of us that Gory Artsick is a pretty cool name.

So what can us fans expect from Gory this year? He says, “ I plan on releasing solo records now and then forever…but I am really excited about a new band I’m putting together in Cape Town…I won’t say the name just yet…I think band-wise the sound will be similar to the more recent ARV tunes…but maybe a little less polished, less over thought for the sake of over thinking…it’s quite refreshing being able to write without worrying about what  a label will think, or offending the other band members. A more expressive sound. I plan on releasing as much new material as possible, have a couple of film projects in the works also.’’ It sounds like we have a lot to look forward to this year.

His reason for starting this new project in Cape Town is,’’ Cape Town is well lush,’’ personally, I think that is the best reason I’ve heard.

You can find Gory Artsick on  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ,Soundcloud and Youtube. You can also download his record “Getting fucked up…and calling it Art” free on Soundcloud, which I suggest you do as it’s a really cool record.

So for all the Anti Retro Vinyls and Greg Allan fans, fret not! For this is the start of a great year for the new Gory Artsick!

I’d like to thank Gory Artsick for taking some time out to answer my questions, speaking as a fan, I really appreciate it, and we wish you luck for this year and many more!

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  1. Hey Cayley. Thanks for the article. I am a fan of the ARVs and their music. I am sorry to hear they are no longer together as a band, but I look forward to hearing Greg Allan / Gory Artsick’s new project.
    Hope he keeps the UK punk style the fans enjoy!

  2. Good news! It’s a pity Arv’s couldn’t stick it out I had a good feeling about them.

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