About Cayley

I am a music student – violin and vocals, and a lover of music in general.

I would love for this site to become a place where i can help promote the music of the artists I follow, and a place to encourage others to find, in music, that special place that they can go to to find escape, encouragement and upliftment! This is what music does for me!

When I am looking for my place of solitude, where I can be myself, find myself, let my hair down, I go to Cayley’s Corner …. my corner, which is filled with all things musical to lift my spirits and improve my outlook on the world in general.

AuerbachTo quote the words of the poet Berthold Auerbach – Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life!

So if like me, music touches your soul, then go ahead and enjoy Cayley’s Corner with me and let me know via my contact page what you think.


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